Since 2017 TMG Avia Ltd. belongs to the Technical Module Group, which owns 100% of company stocks. We are proud to be a part of TMG Group as it has helped us to expand our services to be a “one-contact” solution for any problem our partners and clients may have.

We don’t look for a one-time deal. We always seek long-term cooperation as reliable partners, constantly finding new ways to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Through continuous learning by visiting workshops, seminars, exhibitions and different kind of training, we keep our employees more than just up to date. Driven by passion for their work and the right environment for their further education, they stay in front of the market, as our clients deserve to get the best they can.

Setting our own standards of excellence

This isn’t just a phrase that sounds good or a meaningless slogan. It’s something we genuinely believe in and it’s based on our attitude towards our work and our clients. We are proud of that.